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Lundi 23 mai 2005

Visite de M. Baghdassaryan, président du parlement arménien

Le Président du Parlement arménien, M. Arthur Baghdassaryan a été reçu ce lundi 23 mai 2005 au Sénat par Mme Anne-Marie Lizin, Présidente du Sénat, par M. Staf Nimmegeers, 1er Vice-Président et par M. François Roelants du Vivier, Président de la Commission des Relations extérieures et de la défense.

La Présidente du Sénat a souhaité savoir si l'Arménie était prête à collaborer à la commission d'historiens des deux pays telle que proposée par la Turquie.

Le Président du Parlement arménien a précisé qu'il souhaitait que les relations diplomatiques soient d'abord renoués entre les deux pays.



24.05.2005 05:46

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ May 23 the Armenian delegation headed by Chairman of the National Assembly Artur Baghdasarian arrived in Belgium within an official visit to the Benelux countries, reported the Press Service of the Armenian Parliament. The delegation included representatives of the main political forces of the country, including the three parties forming the ruling coalition, as well as Justice opposition bloc. In the course of the meeting with representatives of EU diplomatic missions, including those of Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and others, NGOs, as well as Eurasia Foundation, the Open Society Institute and a number of European structures urgent topics of the Armenian political agenda were touched upon. The parties discussed the democratization of the country, the problem of Nagorno Karabakh settlement and relations with Turkey. “Armenia comes for establishment of normal relations between all countries of the region,” the Armenian Speaker said, when addressing those present. “The creation of an Interparliamentary Assembly of the South Caucasus based on the already existing South Caucasian Parliamentary Initiative can become the contribution of the Parliaments into that affair,” Baghdasarian continued, adding that the formation of a structure of the kind will allow arrangement of a dialogue over establishment and development of political, economic, scientific and cultural ties. Touching upon the Nagorno Karabakh problem he noted that Armenia comes for its peaceful solution via talks and compromises. In his turn member of Justice opposition faction Aram G. Sargsian stated that “the people of Nagorno Karabakh has started struggle to attain independence from Azerbaijan and used all rights corresponding to international norms to that end, thus another status is not acceptable to it.” “Compromises are indispensable, as many new problems appeared during the process – there was a war, problems of refugees, territories appeared – mutual concessions are possible in that circle.” In the course of the meeting a representative of the Turkish Embassy in the EU tries to connect the issue of opening the Armenian-Turkish border with “Armenia not recognizing the borders of Turkey and touching upon the topic of Western Armenia in its Constitution.” The Armenian Speaker emphasized that there is no mentioning of that in the Armenian Constitution and advised that the Turkish diplomat study the Organic Law of Armenia by means of the Internet. “We consider that the relations with Turkey should be normalized without preconditions and we should live in peace, face the future and take care of our descendants,” Baghdasarian noted adding that Armenia is not against Turkey’s accession to the EU, however it comes against application of double standards, Regnum news agency reported.



24.05.2005 08:49

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ President of the Belgian Senate Anne-Marie Lizin has suggested that the Speaker of the Armenian Parliament meet with his Turkish counterpart in Brussels for joint discussion of urgent problems, reported the Press Service of the National Assembly of Armenia. In his turn Artur Baghdasarian accepted the proposal. In the course of the meeting the parties discussed regional development issues. At the instance of the Senate President, A. Baghdasarian presented Armenia's stand over Turkey's accession to the EU, as well as questions of the Armenian-Turkish relations. In his words, Armenia comes for establishment of peace and stability in the region, wishes normal relations with neighbor countries. Armenia is not against Turkey's accession to the EU, however it considers that application of double standards inadmissible. When commenting on the Turkish governmental initiative on forming a joint historical commission for studying facts of the Armenian Genocide of 1915, A. Baghdasarian noted that discussion of the question whether there was a genocide or not is inadmissible. In his words, a commission can be formed only to discuss the Armenian-Turkish relations. In the course of the meeting the parties discussed the future fate of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant. A. Baghdasarian noted that according to evaluations of international experts, the Plant can work continuously until 2016. Anne-Marie Lizin said she was ready to promote Armenian-Belgian ties. Thereupon the parties agreed to hold a bilateral seminar under the auspices of the two parliaments.


débats sur le négationnisme du génocide arménien