débats sur le négationnisme du génocide arménien


Juncker: "Le génocide: Laissez faire Turcs et Arméniens"

En 1ère page : Extrait de l'interview du président du Conseil européen et premier ministre du Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker:

A propos du projet de loi en discussion au sénat tendant à étendre le champ d'application de la loi réprimant la négation du génocide.


"La question du génocide arménien est un sujet qui oppose Turcs et Arméniens. Le Premier ministre (turc) Erdogan a proposé la mise sur pied d'une commission binationale. Laissons faire les Turcs et les Arméniens, ceux qui portent le fardeau de l'histoire. Je ne vois pas comment nous ferions avancer la question. Surtout au moment où le gouvernement turc reconnaît pour la première fois qu'il y a un besoin d'investigation."


"Franchement, le fait qu'il aurait des hommes politiques d'origine turque au sein du PS ne me paraît pas une raison suffisante pour lancer le débat en Belgique" (...) (Le Soir, 25 mai 2005)


'Genocide controversy should be left to Turks, Armenians'

Thursday, May 26, 2005

European Union term president Luxemburg's prime minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, said yesterday that the 25-nation bloc, to which Turkey aspires to join, could not become involved in the controversy over whether the killings of Armenians under the rule of the Ottoman Empire early last century was a genocide and that the issue should be left to the Turks and the Armenians, the Anatolian news agency reported.

"The Armenian issue is a matter that sets Turks and Armenian against each other," said Junker in an exclusive interview with Belgian Daily Le Soir. "Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan proposed forming a multinational commission. Let's leave it to the Turks and the Armenians, who carry the burden of history, to do whatever is necessary," Junker was quoted as saying in the interview. “I don't think we can do something during a period in which the Turkish government, for the first time, has voiced the need for the examination of the matter,” he said.

Junker also criticized the presentation of a bill to the Belgian Senate that defines the rejecting of the so-called Armenian genocide as a punishable crime and said Belgium was not setting a good example, Anatolia said.


Hürriyet 26.05.2005

Luxembourg PM warns: Let's leave genocide question to the Armenians and the Turks

The European Parliament President, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean Claude Juncker has reacted strongly to Belgium's preparation to pass a law punishing deniers of the so-called Armenian genocide. In an interview published in Belgium's Le Soir newspaper, Juncker answered questions regarding the country's parliament's dealings with issues surrounding the Armenian genocide claims.

Recalling that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently proposed forming a joint Turkish-Armenian commission to look into the history of the matter, Juncker said "Why don't we just let the Turks and Armenians solve their problems by themselves? I really don't understand how we are helping, especially during a period when Prime Minister Erdogan has called for a commission to be formed."

Juncker warns: Don't get involved when you yourself are not a perfect model of behavior

Referring to the Belgian Minister of Turkish origin, Emir Kir, Juncker said "Attempts like these in Belgium are attributed to the fact that a person of Turkish origin is holding an important position in the Socialist Party. But this is not right." Then the Luxembourg PM made this warning: "We should not enter the arena on any subject in which we ourselves have not been perfect, have not exactly been examples in. Control yourselves. These sorts of initiatives and incentives will only be discussed within Belgium by Belgian people.There will be no real effect on the matters outside of Belgium anyway."



27.05.2005 08:29

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ “The European Union Turkey aspires to join should not participate in the debate called to qualify the mass slaughter of Armenians a Genocide; the solution of the problem should be left to Turks and Armenians,” stated EU President, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. In an interview with Le Soir Belgian newspaper Juncker noted that “the issue in question incites Armenians and Turks against each other.” “Turkish PM Erdogan has proposed to form a multinational commission. Let us leave this issue to Turks and Armenians, who carry this heavy burden of the history. I do not think we are able to do anything in this process, when the Turkish Government stated for the first time the problem should be studied,” he stated. As reported by the source, Jean-Claude Juncker condemned the law submitted for ratification of the Belgian Senate and providing for criminal responsibility for denial of the Armenian Genocide. “Belgium sets a bad example,” the EU President stated, reported Regnum news agency.

Lu dans LE SOIR 25 mai 2005, page 5 sous le titre "Génocide arménien"

Extrait "Philippe Markiewicz, président du Comité de coordination des organisations juives de Belgique, juge que la négation du génocide arménien doit être sanctionnée au même titre que la négation du génocide des Juifs. Je ne vois pas pourquoi il y aurait deux poids deux mesures. "


débats sur le négationnisme du génocide arménien